SS Cylindrical Shape Milk Can with LID

We can always produce as per clients specifications and price point i.e. OEM basis & our MOQ is not less than USD value 10,000

All products can be made in SS 202, SS 304 FDA series.

Stainless steel Cylindrical shape Milk can with lid Introduction:

1) Made of anti-corrosion stainless steel material: 00304 or SS316. Good overall welding, precision polishing, sealing hygiene, easy to dean, long using life, never rust.

2) It is the ideal containers to storage and transport milk, water, tea, wine. It is widely used in wine, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, and other industries.

3) 200x200mm stainless steel milk cannot be used to put in refrigerator to storage milk, tea and other food. It is widely used in wine bar, milk bar and tea bar etc.

LD001 6L 1.20 mm 200 mm 200 mm 2.0 kg
LD002 12L 1.20 mm 250 mm 250 mm 3.0 kg
LD003 21L 1.20 mm 300 mm 300 mm 4.0 kg
LD004 34L 1.20 mm 350 mm 350 mm 5.0 kg
LD005 50L 1.20 mm 400 mm 400 mm 6.0 kg
LD006 100L 1.20 mm 500 mm500 mm 8.0 kg
LD007 170L 1.20 mm 600 mm600 mm 10.0 kg

- SS Milk cans are made from 304 grade stainless steel prime material only.
- This grade has high corrosion resistance.
- These can are manufactured with deep drawing & spinning technology, hence work hardened body withstands rough handling.
- Cans lids are seam welded circumferentially for longer life.
- Handles are properly bent, riveted & spot welded on can body for firm & ergonomic grip.
- Bottom ring too is made from 304 grade SS & shrink fitted to can body.
- Milk can & lid is properly polished at various stages to get superior, smooth & mirror bright finish that ensures hygiene & easy cleaning.